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LED Distressed White Hexagon Shaped Lanterns (Set OF 2)


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Distressed Lantern (Set of 2). The unique hexagon shape gives a new level of dimension to your decor. They have a distressed white color throughout, and you can find different cutouts on the lanterns giving it some texture as well. The color allows them to flow with the décor you already have.

You can also find a LED candle inside each lantern which will give any room a warm glow. Watch as the flame flickers inside the faux wax giving you all the benefits of a real candle without the mess. They can be used as table lamps, bedside lamps, or in any room where you want to add a farmhouse lamp. You can hang them by the hook or set them on your favorite flat surface. The options are endless. Use them outside to add some light to your outdoor décor sitting area during the night. Seriously, you will not find anything better for your decor, so buy yours now!

Features and Facts:

The LED White Hexagon Distressed Lantern is sold as a set of 2 plastic lanterns that each feature a battery-operated candle inside.
These lanterns do not include batteries and require the customer to provide 3 AAA batteries. The light on the candle inside the glass panels gives off a warm flickering glow. These lanterns are shipped with styrofoam molds to keep them secure.

The LED White Hexagon Distressed Lantern gives off an upscale garden party vibe and is perfect for your porch, home décor or tablescape.
Our brides are loving this style to illuminate their aisles, guest book tables, as well as using them for centerpieces.

Product measures 5.5″ w x 9.1″ h x 4.9″ d.

Packaged product measures 12″ w x 10.9″ h x 7.3″ d.

Plastic lantern, glass window.


Includes 2 plastic lanterns with built-in LED candle.

Assembly Required: No.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs


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