Ceramic White Elephants Collection of Good Luck – set of 3 with black triangles – gold tusks – zig-zag ears


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Thrill an elephant collector with this stunning set of 3 modern elephants. They have a white shiny finish, black triangles, zig-zag ears, gold tusks and gold tail.

A fabulous addition to any elephant collection! This set of 3 modern style elephants are made from ceramic. The set features a large, medium and small elephant.

Each elephant has a white shiny finish with a black triangle design. The ears have a zig-zag pattern. The tusks and tails are finished in shiny gold. The elephants have raised trunks – a sign of good luck.

This fabulous set comes in a brown box. Makes a great gift for any occasion.

  • Size large 8 1/2″ tall x 6″ long x 3″ wide
  • Size medium 6 1/2″ tall x 4 1/2″ long x 2″ wide
  • Size small 4″ tall x 3 1/2″ long x 2″ wide
  • Made of ceramic in a modern design
  • Shiny white finish, zig-zag ears, black triangles, gold tusks and tail
  • Trunks up for good luck

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